Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Issues with Female Body Armor and the Solutions Done

Many kinds of armor being made today do not fit very well on women. This has been the problem and issue of most of the female soldiers in the army. This female body armor that is made with the physique of man in mind may danger the lives of these female soldiers that are being brought on-board to fight in combat zones. Some are being sent to hostile and dangerous areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq to fight or to help wounded soldiers. To ensure their safety, one of the things that the military officials have did and are currently doing is to provide these women soldiers the best of their female body armors that can protect them from harm in the combat zone.


The military is now calling for female-specific body armors. These mean that the body armor shall include shorter sleeve lengths and adjusted knee positions for females who often have shorter arms and legs than males. Other special considerations are also being made like narrower shoulder width, thinner waistlines and the bust area. If the body armor is too loose, it can be difficult for movement. If the body armor is too small, it would be too painful for women, too. Correct sizing and fit of the uniform must be considered in the army for females who are brought on the combat zones. 

Another key advancement is a type of flight suit that allows women to urinate without taking their uniform off. This has been one of the challenges of women on planes who cannot easily urinate compared to their male counterparts. The consequence is that women tend to hydrate themselves to avoid urinating problems in-flight. These problems are quite considered to be consequence of ill-fitted female body armor though this has also been a problem of the males.

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