Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Difference between Male and Female Body Armor

Women in the US Army are facing great dangers especially that the many female soldiers are being put first in line when there are combats in the field. This will require however, aside from emotional and physical strength, something that would protect them from harm – female body armor.

But is there really a difference between female and male body armor? Yes there is. The most common and obvious difference between the two is that the manufacturers cut and stitch the material to provide bust cups for women.  The female vest is stitched with bust cups. The concealed undergarments for female officers conform to the female anatomy which is clear. 

Since as of the moment, the body armors are just tailored-fit to fit women’s body shape and size, there have been issues that these body armors (which is based from the male body armors) produces uneasiness and doesn’t fit well on the ballistic shape on the part of the females, there are developments being made by the army which one, is to study materials to form armors with female-specifics geometries.

But there have been advancements to some manufacturers (aside from only cutting and stitching the material) to cater to the needs of the female soldiers. One advancement is that some are determining more the characteristics of armor shape and size that hinders movement of women. If the study produces good results, then it appears that there is still hope to have better female body armor.

Other than that there is not quite much of a difference between the two. As a consequence of this, it should appear that the female body armor is just tweaked from the male ones. Thus it is but right that the standards of checking the armor are different. This should be done to ensure that these armors can provide the best combination of comfort, fit, protection capability, as well as accessories and features.

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