Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Female Body Armor: Current Status

Military gear has been made with man in mind. This is the reason why most our female soldiers have difficulty when it comes to their combat uniforms. This female body armor which women wear causes fewer movements due to discomfort. This is why the Army are doing its best to produce a more descent and more fit uniforms for the female soldiers.

When your gear does not fit right, it's going to make you more vulnerable and less effective. Women are smaller than men, this cause the issue of body armor causing performance degradation. If the armors are too loose, it is difficult to move around and maneuver. When it is too small, it can be painful for women. Better-fitting body armor would also make it easier to position a rifle or machine gun for shooting. Over the last 20 years, developments are being made and pushed through for new materials and fabrics that will give greater protection and more comfort for both men and women. The manufacturers of these body armors are also making advances in design technology for armors that has high ballistic protection capabilities, as well as more flexibility and less weight.

 The Army of the United States is studying the “unisex” combat armor. This unisex body armor was primarily designed for men but in women’s sizes while the Air Force is developing new gears with female-specific geometries. The body armor system currently has been very good at protecting soldiers but offers less comfort and best fit to our female warriors which comprise the military’s 14% force. However, more and more developments on female body armor are being made and pushed through. Performance of these female soldiers in combats will improve if the uniform of these soldiers will be taken in to consideration. This will surely pave way for a better military force.

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