Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Measure For a Fit Female Body Armor

For the women out there, understanding how to measure yourself for a female body armor is very important. You will be wearing your armor for eight hours or more and you will be the one to decide if this armor will give you comfort all throughout your duty. The way an armor fits you is subjective and is different from one person to another.  Therefore this needs thorough consideration and perfect measurements to be sent to the manufacturer or supplier.

Body armor can be summed up into four things, these things are the ones be considered: better fit and comfort, appropriate range of motion, freedom of movement when maneuvering, running, driving, firing, etc, less weight and bulkiness.

Manufacturers will give guidelines and instructions on how to measure yourself. Here are some of these. These can be found on some of the manufacturers or suppliers’ manual.

  1. Do not attempt to measure yourself. You need a companion or a buddy to measure you up. There might be some glitches in your measurements if you prefer to measure yourself. You might not get the correct result.
  2. Wear a light shirt while being measured and the type of bra that is used when you are on duty. This would provide the best fit for your body armor.
  3. Do not over measure. Instead use the “1/2 inch” rule. Round down to the nearest ½ if there is a need to do so. You might want to inhale more rather than be out of breath, right?
  4. Follow the instructions on getting the right measurements found in your supplier’s manual. Or better yet, go to the suppliers and let them take your measurement. In that way, too you can go see a sample of the body armor they are selling and can examine the materials being used and all other properties to consider when buying a female body armor.

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