Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guidelines on buying Female Body Armor

In the history of military combats, military gear has been made with the male physique in mind. This leads to different issues considering that females today make up more or less 20% of the country’s military troops. Female body armor when not properly done and chosen can lead to uneasiness on the side of the women. Some can even lead to functional struggles such as firing a gun. Here are several guidelines before buying female body armor to help you in choosing the perfect body armors for your needs, comfort and style. 

1.       Protection and Comfort. In buying any body armor, may it be for be for male or female, the very first thing to consider is protection and comfort. Body armors when not perfectly fit will give you trouble and uneasiness. On the other hand, body armors with no perfect protection can put your life in danger. That is why there should be balance in both maximum protection and comfort. Such armor should defeat high levels of threat while maintaining low weight and providing the wearer easiness of moving around. Female body armors are different from male body armors. There should be greater comfort around the chest and hip area for a female wearer and should produce a highly flexible armor with a permanent contoured shape that forms around the female frame and bust area

2.       Materials Used in the Armor. In 1970s, materials used in making body armors have been improving. Ballistic fibers have become stronger. This enables manufacturers to produce body armors that are lighter and more flexible thus achieving that contour shape needed by a female warrior. When choosing armor, know first the material used to produce it. Knowing the kind of material will help you decide on what armor should be used.

3.       Fitting. When purchasing any kind of armor, you can measure yourself by following the manufacturer’s instructions or visiting the dealer to be correctly sized and thus ensure that a proper fit, comfort and maximum protection are insured in your female body armor.

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