Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Future of Female Body Armor

Female body armor has always been a problem in the military in the very sense that there has not been a female suit that female-specifics measurements are in mind. Most body armors are made out of cuttings and stitches of the same material in the body armor used by male soldiers. In other words, our female body armors are just tweaked from the male counterparts.

Today, in this year alone, there have been developments and a push to innovate a gender-specific suit that would fit women in terms of their vital statistics and comfort although, our female soldiers are still using those suits that are men-specific.

Some manufacturers are also considering other objectives and studies such as body surface exposure as a function of the armor size and shape. In this area, they intend to make advances as to the vital organs vulnerability in accordance with the product.  

Another study that should be conducted though is to determine the characteristics of the armor that restricts movements of the wearer. This is very important for our female soldiers because an issue with difficulty in movements due to the un-fit body armor is one of the primary issues raised by female warriors. Many are complaining that they cannot control more on their movements because the armor is either too loose or too tight. Reduce in casualties of our army can be achieved if this problem can be eliminated, as well.

Many people are hoping for more improvements on our female body armor since more and more women are joining the army. With this, definitely there should be equal opportunity for every suit, every material or utility used in the military. Developing an exclusive female specific body armor design will provide an equal protection and comfort for both our men and women soldiers.

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